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The CGHA has been sharing our passion for the game since 1990. Our vision is to be a leader in girls' hockey by developing future leaders through hard work, fair play, and fun. We are proud to offer competitive hockey; each year, teams are selected through tryouts and compete throughout Ontario. The CGHA reserves the right to determine the number of teams and their levels for the upcoming season based on the number of registered players who are skilled enough to compete at the appropriate level. The CGHA does not currently have a senior program, but hopes to in the future.

Teams from U9 to U22 and can be categorized as follows:

  • By level, in ascending order: AA, A, BB, B, and C
  • By age, in order: U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, U22, and Senior

Our league is represented annually by nearly 20 teams at varying levels and ages. According to the Ontario Women's Hockey Association's regulations, each age category is comprised of both a minor and a major age group.

This means that teams consist of players from two different age groups. A U13 team, for instance, consists of players aged 11 and 12. U18 teams consist of three age categories ranging from 15 to 17 years old.

The CGHA Selection Committee conducts interviews with prospective coaches in November/December for the next season. Coaches choose players for their teams at tryouts held in April after the conclusion of the season. Coaches choose their own coaching staff and create their own budgets and season plans. Each year, teams participate from September through April, with a possible summer Development component.

The CGHA is pleased to announce the following head coaches for the 2023-2024 season.

U9 A              Jeff Pimm

U9 B              Brandon Ridding

U11 AA          Curtis Watson

U11 A             Matt Balser
U11 BB         Andy Goudin

U13 AA*         Derek McGrath

U13 BB          Jason Bonner

U13 B             Tim Sutton

U15 AA*         Ryan Stewart

U15 A             Kayle Tronstad

U15 BB          Nick Stacey
U15 B        Allyson Middaugh

U18 AA*         Shannon Todd

U18 A             Ashley Dunbar 

U18 BB          Jamey Clarey

U22 A             Dave Meredith

Tryouts for all divisions will be in the spring (including U9 and U11); please check back for details.


*Previous announced High-Performance