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Latest update: April 17, 2024 10 PM

***Player updates will be posted online under 'Rep Tryout Info' as soon as they are received, or by the following day before 9:30 am (if not posted before 10:30 pm).

Tryout Information

  • Tryouts for U18, U15, U13, U11, and U9 divisions will commence on April 17 and end on April 26 for all divisions, the full schedule is listed here.
  • Tryout Passports will be available for purchase on April 1, 2024
  • Please note that U18AA tryouts are invitation-only. Kindly email the coach for the registration password.

Teams for 2024-2025

U18 AA, A, and BB teams *B if numbers permit 
U15 AA, A, and BB teams *B if numbers permit 
U13 AA, A, and BB teams *B if numbers permit 
U11 AA, A, and BB teams *B if numbers permit 
U9 A and B teams

To bolster the growth and effectiveness of our High-Performance Program, we have revised some non-resident quotas for the 2024-25 season, aligning with adjustments made by other local associations. This measure is intended to ensure parity while accommodating Flames players who have opted for alternative commitments. We extend our sincere wishes for success to all players in their respective pursuits!

Registration Details (Passports)

  • Registration for a tryout passport will open on April 1, 2024. The deadline for registration is Monday, April 15th at noon.
  • All passports must be purchased online via our Ramp platform.
  • Costs include home timekeepers and referee fees. Cash will not be accepted at the desk.
Registration Age Groups
Birth Years
U9 2016/2017
U11 2014/2015
U13 2012/2013
U15 2010/2011
U18 2009/2008/2007

Permission to Tryout (Permission to Skate)

  • Players who played for another association during the 2023-24 season must email their Permission to Tryout (PTT) form to [email protected] before the first tryout.
  • PTT requests can be obtained by filling out the online form, located here.
  • A separate PTT is required for each association you wish to tryout for.
  • Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for processing requests. Do not follow up before this period.
  • All requests for Releases will be completed through the RAMP platform, with confirmation sent via email.
  • Players cannot owe any team or league fees for this to be issued. 

Non-Resident Quotas and Minimum Tryout Levels for the 2024-25 Season

U22 A - no limit
U18 AA - Up to 6 players
U15 AA - Up to 8 players
U13 AA - Up to 4 players
U11AA - Up to 3 players

U18A- Up 3 to players
*U15A- Up 6 to players
*U13A- Up 6 to players
U11A- Up to 1 player
U9 A- Up to 3 players

U18BB- Up to 1 player
*U15BB- Up to 2 player
U13BB- Up to 1 player
U11BB- 0 players
U9 B - Up to 1 player 

* Updated on April 10, 2024, at coaches' request, approved by the board. 

The CGHA board strives to strike a balance between adjusting to the ever-changing non-resident quotas of surrounding centers and the consideration of current CGHA players committing elsewhere, while not compromising the level of competition or division of play for the upcoming season. As many players prioritize these factors before committing, and late adjustments can lead to mixed feelings and team strife. While this dynamic may not be favourable for some, the board retains the ability to adjust and amend non-resident quotas by majority vote, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in response to evolving circumstances and the needs of our association. 

Tryout Process
  • Players will receive a personal identification code via email prior to the start of the tryout. If you cannot find your number, please check in with the tryout table staff.
  • Successful player selections will be identified by this number on the respective Tryout Player List on the team page.
  • All players will receive a unique helmet number (sticker) for identification during tryouts. Do not remove the sticker until tryouts are completed.
  • Parents/Players are not permitted to loiter around or near the tryout desks. Taking pictures of players or any CGHA tryout documents is prohibited.
  • All players must attend all mandatory scheduled tryout sessions for the team they wish to try out for unless released by the coach. Players do not have to attend any higher than the tier above where they played last season. Example, players from house league can start at BB tryouts.  
  • Successful player selections will be posted on the Flames website. Coaches must update the site with returning players within 3 hours of the conclusion of the current tryout ice slot.
2024-2025 Coaches 

U9 A Drew Allenby Email: [email protected]
U9 B Mike Cuzzolino Email: [email protected]
U11 AA Jeff Pimm Email: [email protected]
U11 A Jay Armstrong Email: [email protected]
U11 BB Andy Gouin Email: [email protected]
U13 AA Derek McGrath Email: [email protected]
U13 A Jason Bonner Email: [email protected]
U13 BB Steve MacDonnell Email: [email protected]
U15 AA Ashley Dunbar Email: [email protected]
U15 A Allyson Middaugh Email: [email protected]
U15 BB Keith Janveaux Email: [email protected]
U18 AA Megan Arnot Email: [email protected]
U18 A Matt Neely Email: [email protected]
U18 BB Jamey Clarey Email: [email protected]

B teams may be added if numbers permit. 

Note: Once offered a spot on a Rep team following tryouts, players must accept the position (in writing) and pay a $600 deposit to the team.