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Welcome, Team Trainers! Whether you're part of House League, Rep, or DS teams, your role is invaluable to our organization. As a trainer, your responsibilities extend far beyond the bench. Here's a breakdown of what you need to know:

Player Medical Form
To ensure the well-being of our players throughout the season, we require all players to complete and keep an updated Player Medical Form.
-You can obtain the form here or from your Team Trainer.
-Once filled out, please submit the form to your Team Trainer.
-It's vital to keep this form current, so we ask players to promptly inform the Team Trainer of any changes to their medical information during the season.

Trainers' Roles & Responsibilities

-As a trainer, you play a crucial role in player safety, injury prevention, reporting, and ensuring a safe return to play. Here are your key responsibilities:
-Adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the Hockey Trainers Certification Program.
-Promote sportsmanship among players and coaches, discouraging unsportsmanlike or bullying behavior.
-Continuously educate yourself in injury prevention and treatment.
-Ensure players' equipment is in proper and functioning condition.
-Maintain accurate medical information for each player and coach, making medical forms available at all team events.
-Establish an Emergency Action Plan for potential emergencies.
-Follow CGHA guidelines for reporting injuries and overseeing a safe return to play.
-Complete the necessary forms in case of an injury.
-Contribute to creating a safe environment for team events and ice times.
-Never leave an injured player unattended.
-Collaborate with parents or guardians to ensure ongoing care, allowing you to return to the bench promptly.

Injury Documentation & Reporting
All injuries must be documented and reported not only within your team but also to the CGHA Director of Wellness and Safety at [email protected].

If you have any questions or encounter any issues or situations during your role, don't hesitate to reach out to our Wellness and Safety Director. They are a valuable resource and can provide assistance and guidance.

Wellness and Safety Director
Contact: [email protected]

Your dedication as a trainer contributes significantly to the safety and well-being of our players. Thank you for your commitment to the team and ensuring a positive experience for all.