Trainers (Clarington Girls Hockey Association)


Team Trainers (House League, Rep & DS)
The team trainer is an essential member of any bench staff; the trainer's role should not be underestimated. The trainer is responsible for player safety, injury prevention, injury reporting and management, and a safe return to play practices.

Trainers' Roles & Responsibilities
A trainer will be one of the first trained responders to assess and treat a player if an injury occurs. However, the trainer's role goes well beyond treating the injured player. The following are responsibilities that a trainer will take on during the course of a season:
Adhere to all policies and procedures set out in the Hockey Trainers Certification Program.
Encourage all players and coaches to play and act in a sportsmanlike way, and don't take part in, encourage, or accept unsportsmanlike or bullying behavior.
Strive to continue education in areas related to injury prevention and treatment.
Have knowledge of and ensure players' equipment is in proper and functioning condition.
Keep track of each player's and coach's correct medical information and make sure medical forms are available at every team ice time or event.
Establish an Emergency Action Plan in case of an emergency.
Follow all CGHA guidelines to report an injury and oversee a proper return to play.
Complete the required forms in the event of injury.
Help to provide a safe environment for team events and ice times. 
Never leave an injured player alone. Work with parents or guardians to ensure care is continued so the trainer can return to the bench in a timely manner.

Injury Documentation & Reporting
All injuries must be documented and reported within your team, but also to the CGHA Director of Wellness and Safety at [email protected] 

If you have any questions, the Wellness and Safety Director is a great resource who can help you with any issues or situations that may arise.

Wellness and Safety Director
[email protected]