Reporting an Injury (Clarington Girls Hockey Association)

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Reporting Injuries - Guidelines for Trainers
As a trainer it's essential to understand the procedures for reporting injuries. Proper reporting ensures the safety of our players and allows us to handle potential insurance claims effectively.

Medical Information Sheets

Every player on the team must have a completed Medical Information Sheet.
Ensure these sheets are accessible at all team events, including games, practices, and tournaments.

Hockey Canada Insurance Form
Complete the Hockey Canada Insurance form in the following cases:
1. If a player or team official is injured during a game and misses more than one period.
2. If a player or team official is injured during a practice or any other association-sanctioned event and requires medical attention.
3. If a player or team official reports an injury after the fact (e.g., if a player continues to play after being injured during a game but seeks medical attention the next day).

Timely Reporting
It's crucial to complete these forms promptly to ensure that potential insurance claims are handled correctly.
Notify [email protected] if an injury meets the specified criteria.
Send a copy of the form by email and keep a copy of the original document for reference.

Statistical Reporting
The injury report serves statistical purposes and must be submitted to OWHA [email protected].
This information helps hockey bodies in Ontario discuss safety enhancements for the sport.

All personal and injury-related information on the form is confidential and should not be used to assess a player's future ability to participate in the game.

Injured Player's Parents/Guardians
1. Provide the partially completed "Canadian Hockey Injury Report" to the injured player's parents or guardians.
2, Explain that this form is used to register potential claims for expenses related to the injury if not covered by provincial health coverage or personal insurance through their employer.
3. Instruct them to mail the completed form along with original receipts to the OWHA offices within 90 days.

Mailing Address
The OWHA's mailing address for submitting the completed form and receipts is:
Ontario Women's Hockey Association
225 Watline Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1P3

Document Retention
It's important to keep copies of all documentation submitted to the OWHA for your records.

Proper injury reporting is a vital part of ensuring the safety and well-being of our players. As a trainer, your role in this process is crucial. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.