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Issue Resolution

Problems, misunderstandings, and frustrations may happen in hockey. Clarington Girls Hockey Association intends to be responsive to its members' needs and concerns. So, if a member or player has an issue, they can help solve it by following the steps outlined below. 
The majority of issues should be attempted to be resolved at the team level first. 

Please wait 24 hours before attempting to resolve any emotionally charged situations or submitting a formal complaint.

“Member” for the purpose of this process is defined as any coach, manager, trainer, player, official or other CGHA volunteer or parent.


Step 1: Speak with the coach, manager, or member

Initially, the member or player (or parent if the child is under the age of 18) should bring their issues or concerns to the coach, manager, or member, and a meeting or discussion should be held.

Step 2: Issue or complaint 

  1. If discussing the issue with the coach, manager, or member does not resolve it to everyone's satisfaction, or if the coach, manager, or member fails to respond to the complaint, an Issue Resolution Form should be submitted.

  2. The Issue Resolution Form will be reviewed in confidence by the Director of Wellness and Safety and the Chair of the Ethics and Discipline Committee once submitted (EDC).

  3. Following review, the most appropriate EDC committee member will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the issue.

  4. A committee member will provide both a written and an oral decision to the person who filed the complaint within five working days of the discussion.

Step 3: Decision appeal

If the person filing the complaint is dissatisfied with the EDC's decision, they may appeal the decision in writing to the EDC's Chair within five working days.

The Chair may convene a meeting with the parties directly involved to facilitate a resolution or refer complaints to the board as a whole if the complaint raises serious issues of fact or policy interpretation. The EDC may seek additional information from the parties involved.

Important to know

If the person who filed the complaint does not appeal or respond within five working days, the issue will be considered resolved and will not be revisited.

The CGHA reserves the right to impose appropriate disciplinary action for any disruptive or inappropriate behaviour. The circumstances of each situation vary, as does the level of disciplinary action, depending on factors such as the nature of the offence, whether it is repeated, or the impact of the behaviour on the organization.

All complaints must be made in good faith.

The EDC consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Chief Referee, and Directors of Player and Coach Development, as well as the Director of Safety and Wellness. The positions listed above may not exactly match the composition of the committee due to conflicts or availability; therefore, the EDC may appoint additional volunteer advisors. 

If you are not comfortable with the Chair and Director of Wellness and Safety knowing about your issue due to a conflict of interest, please contact the most appropriate member of our Board Executive to assist you in managing your issue in confidence.

CGHA Issue Resolution Form

Click the above link access the form.

This incident report will be shared with the Ethics and Discipline Committee, and the respondent may be informed that a complaint has been filed against them.