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Rep Head Coach Applications for 2023-2024 is now closed. 

With a vision to be a leader in girls' hockey and the mission to empower future leaders through hard work, fair play, and fun, the Clarington Girls Hockey Association is pleased to announce the following head coaches for the 2023–2024 season.

The CGHA is pleased to announce the following head coaches for the 2023-2024 season.

U9 A                Jeff Pimm
U9 B               Brandon Ridding 
U11 AA           Curtis Watson
U11 A              Matt Balser
U11 BB Andy Gouin
U13 AA*          Derek McGrath
U13 BB           Jason Bonner
U13 B             Tim Sutton  
U15 AA*          Ryan Stewart
U15 A              Kayle Tronstad
U15 BB           Nick Stacey
U18 AA*          Shannon Todd
U18 A              Ashley Dunbar
U18 BB           Jamey Clarey
U22 A              Dave Meredith

The process for selecting the head coach included the evaluation of comprehensive data that considered expressions of interest and written submissions and collectively included quantifiable data such as coaching experience, playing experience, Hockey Canada certifications, and the combination of relevant education, the team's current season evaluation (team ranking), parent feedback survey data (assistant coaches were included), and overall board compliance, et cetera. Only the most qualified candidates from each division were interviewed. If an applicant wasn't a current head coach, team ranking and board compliance were deducted from the total weight. The total weight was also reduced if no parent feedback was provided (and didn’t impact the total ranking).

*Previous announced High-Performance