Coach Selection Metric (Clarington Girls Hockey Association)

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Coach Evaluation Metric - 2023-2024 

20% Assessment of the Current Season

· *The current season average is /5 (ranked.10, for example, equals 5 points for a.500 season).

· *Current team full compliance (finances, CGHA rules and policies, certifications, submission of documents and reports to OWHA, CRCs, etc)  /5 

· **Current incumbent or evaluation average (parent evaluation score only) /5 if applicable

· **If applicable, weighted ranking of parent comments.

· *Incumbent bonus points (maximum 5) are calculated in accordance with the total parent score average.

*If the applicant isn't a head coach, some of the above criteria, such as "season ranking" or "team compliance," may not apply, in which case the total percentage will be adjusted accordingly. There is no positive or negative impact on the final score because of this.

**If the applicant is an assistant coach and was evaluated by the parent group, this is applicable.

20% Coaching Experience

· Years as Flames Rep head coach (maximum of 6 points per year)

· Years as a Flames assistant coach or head coach in the HL (1 point per year, maximum 4)

· General hockey coaching experience x 1 point per year, up to 4 full points (not for the Flames) if AA+

· Other sport coaching experience; 1 point per year, maximum of 4

5% Playing Experience

5% Professional Work Experience (hockey or leadership)

· Hockey/sport related: /5

· Coaching/leadership skills: /5

20% Certifications 

· HP1 Certified: 10 points (Trained: 5 points)

· D1 Certified: 10 points (Trained: 5 points)

· Other Ice Hockey Courses (1 point per maximum of 10)

20% Written Submission 

· Season General Plan /4

· Manage Expectations /2

· Greatest Supporter /2

· Toughest Critic /2

· Player-Coach Relationship /3

· Motivate Your Players /3

· Develop Team Unity /2

· High Performance Program /2

Total percentage of applicants calculated to determine the top two ranked applicants for interview.

10% Technical Interview 

The highest scoring applicant will be offered the position first.