Permission to Skate and Releases (Clarington Girls Hockey Association)

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As the Clarington Flames gear up for tryouts and the upcoming season, it's important for players and parents to understand the process for obtaining Permission to Tryout (PTT) and Releases. These protocols ensure compliance with OWHA regulations and facilitate smooth transitions for players seeking new opportunities within the hockey community.

Permission to Tryout (PTT) and Releases Overview

  • PTT Requirement: No player is permitted to skate with another OWHA hockey association until April 17, 2024, without permission from their current association. PTT is necessary if a player intends to try out for another OWHA association.

  • Release Process: A release removes a player from the Clarington Flames and allows them to join a new OWHA association. This process is initiated once the Team Manager of the player's current team verifies that the player owes no funds to the team.

PTT Application Process

  1. Online Form: Players seeking PTT must fill out the online form provided by the Clarington Girls Hockey Association (CGHA).

  2. Confirmation: The CGHA Registrar will process the request within 24-48 hours and email a copy of the PTT to the player.

  3. Important Note: PTT will only be issued if the player has registered for tryouts at another centre. This ensures that the PTT is utilized for legitimate tryout purposes.

Release Procedure

  • Upon signing with a new association, an release will be generated in the OWHA registration system.
  • The registrar will confirm that the player is in good standing with the CGHA before processing the electronic release.

Important Dates and Considerations

  • PTT requests will not be processed until April 14, 2024. Players are urged not to email the Registrar before this date due to the volume of other responsibilities.
  • Players must adhere to OWHA regulations and CGHA policies regarding PTT and releases to avoid any complications or delays.

By following these procedures diligently, players can navigate the tryout process smoothly and explore new opportunities while maintaining compliance with OWHA regulations. The Clarington Flames remain committed to supporting players in their hockey endeavors and ensuring a fair and transparent transition process for all involved.