Rep Fees 2023-2024 Season (Clarington Girls Hockey Association)

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2023-2024 Competitive (Rep) Fees

The fees for our Competitive (Rep) teams are divided into two parts: CGHA Fee Portion  + Team Portion 

As an organization, we set out to streamline and unify team budgets.

First with the goal of reducing team managers' workload and expectations, and second, to ensure a consistent and fiscally responsible approach to families' money and the player experience. Furthermore, obtaining many of these resources through an association provides a larger discount for committing to a significant quantity or commitment.

There will be more money paid to the association, but a significant decrease in the team portion in comparison to previous years.

As a registered non-profit organization, the CGHA does not seek financial gain from its membership but rather ensures that fees are as reasonable as possible.

CGHA Portion (paid on RAMP)

Association fees are paid directly by each player to the CGHA via RAMP. These are the fees paid through the CGHA’s online registration system. You can choose to pay it all at once or on a payment schedule, as outlined below.

Your association fees cover expenses for each team, including:

  • Base ice is allocated to each team (75–110 hours, depending on category and level)

  • The cost of one home tournament (Applefest)

  • Provincial bond

  • OWHA and league registration costs and insurance

  • Association overhead and administrative costs

New! Your CGHA or association fees also now also include the following items for the 2023/24 season:

  • Increase in ice hours per team (10+ from last season)

  • Practice jersey, socks, water bottle, and helmet stickers for each player

  • Flames t-shirt and hat on for the player when they "sign" or commit to the team

  • Extra on-ice development (skills/power skating, etc)

  • Off-ice development (dry-land training)

  • TeamSnap 

  • Team photos by Shannon Nagle 

Paid for by the CGHA 

  • Mental toughness training with Shawnee Harle (paid for by 2022 Applefest revenue).

Team Portion and Payment Schedule 
*New! There will be a $600 payment due to the team when the commitment is made (this allows the coach to book tournaments and pay the associated fees, etc.).

In addition to Association Fees, each team sets a budget that covers team-specific items for the season. This budget is covered equally by all players through the payment of Team Fees which are collected directly by the team. There will be a large reduction in this fee in comparison to previous years.

The team fee portion includes:

  • Referees, and timekeepers for exhibition games, regular season, and/or playoffs

  • The costs for extra ice

  • Team social events and seasonal gifts 

  • The costs associated with away tournaments

  • Team practice equipment

  • Administration costs, banking fees

Each team will present a full team budget to parents in May. The payment schedule for Team Fees will be explained.

Team(s) Payment 1
Registration Day - complete 
Payment 2
July 30
Payment 3
Sept 15
Payment 4
Nov 15
U9 (all teams) $595 $405 $405 $405 $1,810
U11 (all teams) $595 $405 $405 $405 $1,810
U13 A, BB, B $595 $405 $405 $405 $1,810
U15 A $590 $550 $550 $550 $2,240
U15 BB, B $595 $405 $405 $405 $1,810
U18 A, BB $590 $550 $550 $550 $2,240
*U22 (will be shared by coach) TBD  TBD TBD TBD  TBD
High Performace Payment 1
Registration Day - complete 
Payment 2
July 30
Payment 3
Sept 15
Payment 4
Nov 15
U13 AA $590 $550 $550 $550 $2,240
U15 AA $590 $550 $550 $550 $2,240
U18 AA $590 $550 $550 $550 $2,240

*first payment may need adjustments based on OWHA RAMP portal opening

Refund Policy:

  • Please review the CGHA’s refund policy for more information.